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The Best Beers Made In Queensland

The Best Beers Made In Queensland
on 16 September 2022 in Food & Drinks

Featuring the most recent best beers made in Queensland, this is a list you won’t want to miss!

Since 2021, the game for quality lagers made in Queensland has certainly stepped up. Craft breweries appeared to have shift from the mentality of having lager on tap for the sake of having it to wanting to produce excellent lager to match with the high standards of quality beers.

Queensland has always had a reputation for mass produced beers, which is why this shift to a higher quality lager produced from craft breweries is head turning. 

The 2021 Australian International Beer Awards highlighted many noteworthy Queensland beers and lagers who won gold. Here is the list of our favourites.

Hemingway’s Prospector Pilsner

A Bohemian style Pilsner that is bready, biscuity, malty and subtly floral with lime aromas balanced by a robust bitter finish, the Prospector is a drink not to be underestimated. It has a light body that offers a clean, refreshing experience with subtle grassy and spicy hop notes and a beautiful, crisp finish.

The Hemingway craft brewery operates locally and independently in Far North Queensland and is renowned for producing outstanding craft beers.

Felons’ Crisp 

If you’re looking for a smooth, clean and crisp experience from a lager, the Felons’ Crisp will not disappoint. Brewed with pilsner malt followed by a slow fermentation process, this lager is probably the most refreshing one you’ll find in Australia – especially where the sun shines the brightest in Queensland.

Serve it ice cold and enjoy it with some mates. It’s an experience to be had and embraced.

Green Beacon’s Great Beer

An easy to drink mid-strength beer, the Green Beacon’s Great Beer has a modern flavour profile that is simply irresistible. The beautiful colours that are bright and gold will entice your thirst, and as you lean in to take your first sip, prepare yourself for waves of stone fruit aroma followed by the taste of low bitterness and a crisp, clean finish.

Green Beacon is a pioneer of the Brisbane craft beer industry, having been founded in 2013. Its vision is clear with the aim to create world class beer culture for the Brisbane beer drinking community. 

Heads of Noosa’s Summer Dusk

An amber lager that was inspired by beautiful summer evenings of a backyard in Noosa, the Summer Dusk reflects the colour explosion of the skies during that time. It’s refreshing with a full flavour that boasts a fine amount of specialty dark malts that have been balanced by aromas and flavours of tropical fruit hop.  

It’s a lager that can’t be missed when looking for a refreshing, relaxing moment as dusk takes over the skies.

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co is an independently owned craft brewery nestled in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. The passion for crafting high quality lagers made for everyone lives at the heart of the brewery. And after nearly a decade in the making, having been founded by two brothers – Lance and Craig, the brewery opened its doors in early 2019. At Heads of Noosa Brewing Co, there is always a sense of family with inspiration derived from the nearby rocky headlands of Noosa Heads.

Combine nature and passion and you find yourself with a craft beer made from raw natural ingredients that will be enjoyed time after time.

Heads of Noosa’s Bock

Before Summer Dusk came, there was the Bock. Head brewer and founder Lance aspired to create the flavours of a broad shouldered beer, using it as an inspiration to create a flavoursome lager that is easier and more accessible to the community’s palate.

The Bock is fantastic, with larger than life boldness that the brewers at Heads of Noosa continue to make it.

Comprising six malts and hovering just under 6% ABV, it’s easier to drink than a traditional Bock, but still comes as a heavy hitter when compared with many other beers. The rusty colour is enticing while the smells of golden syrup is irresistible. As you taste it, the complex malt characters fill your mouth with flavours of caramel and burnt toffee, biscuit and waves of chocolate without the stickiness.

It’s a must for those who enjoy the Summer Dusk and are looking for something different. It’s also great for those who prefer heavier, bolder beers with a lot more character. 

Green Beacon’s Grappler

Coming fourth out of 37 lagers in the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards, the Grappler is a seasonal lager that started out as a constantly evolving drink. The base always remained as some form of lager, be it New World pilsner or an IPL.

Although not completely settled, the Grappler holds a lot more consistency and remains a German influenced lager that head brewer Johann van der Welt says sits somewhere between a pilsner and a helles.

The aim was to create something with the same bready maltiness of a helles but with more hop characters. The Grappler is a hoppy helles in a traditional German lager sense.

The pour is very pale with scents of lemon and floral hops followed by lightly sweet and delicate malt flavours. The whole affair is gentle to your senses, being a little floral, a little lemony, a little sweet and barely bitter.

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