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The Best Costumes This Halloween

The Best Costumes This Halloween
on 01 September 2022 in Events & Entertainment

Make an impression this Halloween with a costume that won’t be forgotten. Check out our list of best costumes in 2022.

The world of costume designs has taken trends by storm with Hollywood and other blockbuster movies creating amazing character depictions that are worthy of following. Needless to say, Halloween this year is going to be huge with plenty of head turners and ingenious costumes. 

From buzzy shows such as Euphoria and House of the Dragon to blockbusters like Top Gun and Dr Strange, there will be a plethora of options to choose from. So without further ado, here is our list of the best costumes to put on this Halloween.

House of the Dragon

Impress as a power couple (or just on your own) in a Valyrian wedding outfit. Arguably one of the best scenes in House of Dragon (available on Amazon Prime), the elegance of the Valyrian wedding attire will take others aback bringing intensity and romance together. 


If you like the show Bridgerton, why not dress up as Kate Sharma to bring forth some nostalgia into the regency era. You won’t be able to travel back to 19th century England but you can certainly bring a piece of 19th century England fashion to you this Halloween.

Inventing Anna

One of the most fun shows Netflix is featuring at the moment, Inventing Anna is exhilarating as it exposes you to the world of Anna Delvey’s scamming adventures. Don her classy attires as part of a faux German heiress and shine this Halloween with style.

The Bear

This one’s for the boys, giving you an award worthy look based on Carmy Berzatto as a chef. It’s disgruntled, intense, sexy and unmistakable for those who know the performance. Prop it up with haircare products for a slick look, a white t-shirt beneath the apron and a can of tomato soup so others know exactly what you’re going for. And viola, you’re all set.


There are so many epic characters to choose from this raving high school teenage drama show. From slick redhead jocks rocking a Riverdale jumper to high heels, fashionestas that bring curves and sexiness to new heights, the whole cast of Riverdale is up for grabs this Halloween. Of course you could always just go for the all-time favourites – Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica.

Top Gun

Bring back the classics with a pair of aviators and a bomber jacket to suit. Slick your hair back the way Tom Cruise does and work on your attitude as confident and bold, completely aware that you’re at the top of the game.

There’s nothing wrong with donning on an outfit from the protagonist from the top grossing film of the year this Halloween. 

Doctor Strange

Delve into the universe of Marvel by starting your impression with something strange – yes, Doctor Strange. A red mystical cloak paired with a slick carbon robe that screams wizard is exactly what you need to look the part. And don’t forget about the classic hairdo plus the facial hair and you’ve got yourself a winner this Multiverse of Madness of a Halloween.

Only Murders in the Building

What better way to honour Halloween than to dress up not as a tacky villain but rather a smart, trendy and modern Sherlock Holmes style of Mabel from Only Murders in the Building.

It’s the perfect look of spring and autumn with a cosy yellow faux fur jacket, sweater and plaid pants to finish the look. You can even rock the yellow beanie and headphones if you’re looking for more unique ways to look the part.

Stranger Things

Whether it’s an 80s style you’re looking to go for – which is pretty much every other character in Stranger things, or a spookier antagonist like Vecna or creatures from the Upside Down, there’s plenty of styles and accessories for you to explore and have fun with this Halloween.

Where to spend Halloween on Thursday Island

What better way to honour this special spooktacular day than to spend it on an island – Thursday Island. 

With views that will amaze and a slightly spooky idea of being stuck on an island comparable to thriller shows like Shutter Island starring Leo DiCaprio, Thursday Island offers so much mystique and enchantment especially during a celebration like this.

And there’s no better way to celebrate than at the Grand Hotel Thursday Island. With waterfront views, amazing ambiance, a fantastic crowd followed by mouth watering meals and drinks that will keep you refreshed all night, don’t miss out and make a booking by calling 07 4069 1557 today.