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Island Hopping Your Way Around the Torres Strait

Island Hopping Your Way Around the Torres Strait
on 22 March 2022 in Travel & Lifestyle

Adventure across the best island hopping route around the Torres Strait islands with our favourite local guide.

For those looking to go on an adventure of a lifetime, you should consider planning your next trip to the Torres Strait. It’s Queensland’s northernmost reaches, where your journey will bring you on the brink of touching Papua New Guinea.

Here, you’ll find untouched paradise unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the mainland. No crowds, no hustle and bustle, just pure and peaceful serenity on true island time.

What makes this adventure even more enthralling is the cluster of 247 small islands that make up the Torres Strait, most of which are uninhabited and only a few allow visitors. This is where the Great Barrier Reef begins. It’s also a place where art lines the streets and pub walls.

There is a deep sense of history and culture as you explore across the islands. Here is our favourite way to make the most of your Torres Strait island hopping adventure. 

Thursday Island

Stop one should be none other than Thursday Island. It’s often where most routes will stop at, save for some flights straight to Horn Island. For travellers in Cape York, you can simply jump on the ferry from Seisia Jerry straight to Thursday Island with the journey only taking about an hour, while being one of the most scenic ferry rides you’ll ever have experienced. 

As you reach Thursday Island, be welcomed with flower lined villages and sandy shores. There’s no better place to stay than the Grand Hotel Thursday Island for a true sense of local hospitality while being spoilt with some of the best local cuisine and fresh seafood on the island. 

The Grand Hotel is also strategically located close to all of the island’s top attractions, making sure that your time here is well spent. Book your accommodation by calling the Grand Hotel team on 07 4069 1557. 

After checking in and dropping your bags, it’s time to go on a Peddells Thursday Island tour, delving into history, culture, and many attractions that have made the Torres Strait what it is today. The tour visits the old fort, cemetery, museums and the local township.

After the tour, head to the local favourite Malu Paru Café & Bistro, where you can enjoy crisp beer on tap or a cold drink of your choice paired beautifully with sensational dishes made from locally sourced ingredients and freshly caught seafood. 

Walk along the water and browse through the local stores for unique souvenirs to bring home with you. Douglas Street has many local stores, but if it’s clothing and artwork you’re looking for, head to Monas Bazaar. For locally designed jewellery using pearls and beads sourced from Turtle Head and Roko Island, go to Tribal Boutique to be amazed.

On one of your evenings on Thursday Island, don’t miss out on your chance to unwind with a spectacular sunset on Green Hill Fort.

Prince of Wales, Friday, Goodes and Hammond Islands

It’s impossible to visit all 247 of the Torres Strait islands, which is why an island hopping adventure must be planned smartly.

Jump on a tour with Lax Charters to explore the most popular islands and its neighbouring reef. Offering a unique insight into the region and its indigenous culture, your guide will introduce you to the Prince of Wales, Friday, Goodes and Hammond Islands where you will get to discover shipwrecks, climb a lighthouse, visit historic WWII battlements and trek remote waterfalls.

While island hopping, don’t miss out on spotting local marine life such as dolphins, turtles and stingrays. For those who want to try their luck at fishing in the Torres Strait, today is the day to do it. Head to Bluefish Point for a great fishing vantage point or explore the neighbouring reefs around Prince of Wales island. You can do this on your own time or by going on a local fishing charter.

If you’re only here for the fishing, check out North West Outback Safari’s five day fishing charter packages of the Torres Strait Islands.

Horn Island

Holding a strong military significance, Horn Island is worth the exploration as you are taken back to World War II times. Take a tour and visit the military sights and forts and visit the Torres Strait Heritage Museum, where you’ll find the largest collection of Torres Strait history.