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How to Spoil Dad this Father’s Day

How to Spoil Dad this Father's Day
on 01 August 2022 in Events & Entertainment

Find out the best way to spoil Dad this Father’s Day in honour of the man, the legend.

If you aren’t sure what to do for Dad this Father’s Day but want to do something special, check out our top ways to spoil him on this special day and make it a time he won’t forget.

A feast fit for Dad on Father’s Day 

Everyone loves the idea of breakfast in bed. Combine the privilege of lazing as you wake to have food delivered straight to your bed – now that’s a true gift fit for Father’s Day. The opportunities are endless, from a full English breakfast, pancakes with ice cream as a treat to more exotic meals that require a lot more curating and some experimental testing beforehand (just to make sure that what you cook up on Father’s Day is as good as it’s supposed to be).

But if you’re feeling lazy this Father’s Day and would prefer an easy option of giving Dad a feast fit for a King on Father’s Day, there’s no better way to serve it up than bringing him along to the Grand Hotel Thursday Island. If you happen to be at Thursday Island on Father’s Day, you won’t want to miss a feast with a view. Nestled right by the waterfront, promising spectacular landscape backdrops especially during sunset, the Grand Hotel Thursday Island will not disappoint especially with its Father Day specials and treats that come generously portioned and include fresh produce and seafood guaranteed to impress.

To make it a real treat, bring the family out to celebrate Father’s Day together with Dad as the best times spent are with the ones you love.

Don’t miss out by booking with the Grand Hotel Thursday Island team by calling 07 4069 1557.

Give Dad some time to unwind

Dads are typically packed with a ton of work on a daily basis, which means that giving him a break and the day off to chill and unwind will be a Father’s Day gift he’ll surely appreciate. Even if it is as simple as letting him sleep in or throwing a football with the kids in the yard, a simple unwind session is all he needs to get his energy back in order.

Don’t be tied down to making Dad run about doing family stuff as a form of unwinding, as each Dad has their own preferences and this may even mean reading a book in quiet time. 

Make him a gift

One of the best ways to show your appreciation to Dad is to make something special for him. You don’t have to be an arts and crafts wiz, all you’ll need to do is have some idea about what Dad likes. 

Failproof ideas include making him a handmade card with a sentimental and well-thought-out message inside. You could even put together a photo collage of the family (especially pictures of you and Dad) that will surely brighten his day.

Go big with a football game

If Dad’s a footy fan, it’s time to grab him some football tickets to the next game in town. It won’t really matter if the game isn’t for a while, as the anticipation knowing that it’s coming up soon will be plenty enough to keep the excitement going for a long shot. 

Something quirky

If all else fails and you’re running short of time to come up with ideas (except an awesome getaway Father’s Day meal at the Grand Hotel Thursday Island), then it’s probably time to buy him a commercial gift that could be quirky. Things like funky socks, a mug that says “Best Farter ever” with a typo meant to read Father, classic whisky glasses, shaving kits and the like are the usual go-to’s during Father’s Day.
Throw together some gifts in a bag and Dad will most likely be pleased with what you got him this Father’s Day.